HARM - Racing Kart RK-1 Chassis Kit [1309000-k]

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Attention! In this offer as a Chassis kit the engine, clutch, pipe set and airbox are not included!

The RK-1 Racing Kart is made exclusively of high-quality aluminum 7075 material.
In the design, a great deal of importance was placed on simple handling and function, without having to dispense with a true-to-original look.

The scale 1 / 2.5 gives an optimal size. The RK-1 kart also feels very comfortable on smaller tracks.

The dimensions:

  • Length: 810mm
  • Width: 545mm
  • Height: 360mm
  • Weight: approx. 10.5 - 11kg

The RK-1 Racing Kart comes as a kit. Many components, e.g. the hydraulic brakes are already pre-assembled.

The equipment, except for the remote control components, is complete from the beginning.
Racing "Out of the box" has been the focus in the selection of the used components.



  • All CNC-machined aluminum parts from 7075 materials
  • Drive with steel gears and chain.
  • Hydraulic disc brake front and rear
  • All covers made of polycarbonate (clear)
  • Racing doll with handmade racing suit and two-piece helmet made of polycarbonate (clear)
  • Servo plate and support for the steering made of carbon fiber
  • Tyres from GRP (Italy)

The front wheel suspension provides the most important settings to adjust the kart.

  • Toe in adjustable
  • Caster adjustable
  • Height adjustable
  • Camber selectable via an asymmetrical plate.

The aluminum servo saver is adjustable in hardness.
The front hydraulic brake is included in the delivery.

The powerful 26cc Zenoah gives the RK-1 Kart a breathtaking traction power. The airbox and the tuning pipe are obligation on many race track and therefore included as standard.

The receiver box is directly attached to the carbon fiber servo plate. Thus, the complete RC unit can be dismantled quickly and easily.
All linkages for the brake and the throttle linkage are also included in the kit.

A standard clutch with a modified mount and a harder clutch spring is used. The coupling speed is 9500 rpm.
The drive unit is easily accessible. The change of the gear reduction is made by the small chain pinion. A total of four different settings are possible.
The matching chain pinions are available as accessories.

The rear axle is a stable 20mm aluminum hardcoated tube. The rear collision protection is made of 20mm plastic provides the necessary safety.
The rear hydraulic brake is equipped with a large brake disc to ensure maximum deceleration.

The battery holder made of carbon fiber is freely accessible and suitable for different types of batteries.
The fuel tank seat under the side panel and is equipped as standard with a quick-release tank cap.

The mountings for the rear axle and the wheel carriers at the front are guided and secured with pins in the chassis plate.
The complete motor unit is displaceable to adjust the chain tension.

The tank unit with the necessary additional weight can also be moved to change the balance.
The additional weight is necessary to balance the weight of the engine and thus achieve an optimal weight balance.

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