Zenoah - G320RC 31.8cc Engine

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The Zenoah G320RC 31.8cc 4-Bolt Engine. All new design - redesigned cylinder, crankcase, crankshaft, piston, etc for an absolute explosion of power, yet still in the same size package as the original Zenoah RC engines (G230RC, G240RC, G260RC, G270RC, G290RC)

This Zenoah G320RC engine has a 38mm bore, and 28mm stroke, for 31.8cc in its stock form. Includes a revolutionary new cylinder design with closed deck transfer ports (two piece), with removable covers.

Engine Stats:

  • Displacement: 31.8cc
  • Bore: 38mm
  • Stroke: 28mm
  • HP: Approx 3.5hp,
  • Fuel: Pre-mixed gasoline and 2-cycle oil, 25:1 ratio

Additional product information

Type Normal clutch block
Carburator | Clutch With carburator, with clutch

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