FUTABA - R334SBS 2,4 GHz Receiver [01000684]

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p> Receiver FUTABA SBUS2 4 channels in TFHSS.
Telemetry not available in SR mode (ultra fast)


Designed for use with Futaba car transmitters in TFHSS and using TFHSSSR Technology

  • TFHSS bidirectional telemetry
  • Programmable and compatible with S.Bus2 systems
  • Normal / high speed modes (automatic detection), normal mode accepts any type of servo, high speed mode only accepts digital servos including BLS servos
  • "GOLD" connector
  • High voltage (HV)
  • Dual diversity antennas. One internal antenna, one external
  • Failsafe battery


  • Operating voltage: 3.77.4V
  • Size: 33.9 x 22.3 x 11.3mm
  • Weight: 7.3g

Compatibility with the following transmitters:

  • 7PX
  • 7XC
  • 4PX
  • 4PLS
  • 4GRS
  • 3PV
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