FG - Electro conversion kit 1:5/1:6, 2WD/4WD, SET [68512]

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You prefer driving even faster than a model with combustion engine? Then convert your model now to an electric powered version! The FG models Leopard 2, Leopard 4, 1:5 Sportsline 2WD-510/ -530/ -530 Truck and Sportsline 4WD-510/ -530/ -530 Truck are perfectly suited for a brushless engine. Just little conversion work is necessary to convert your FG combustion model into a high-capacity electric-powered model. FG models provide the best conditions for a conversion to electric power as they are designed for higher stress and are extremly light despite of their size.

An electric-powered chassis needs these characteristics urgently in order to achieve acceptable driving qualities and driving times to awake your enthusiasm. The conversion kit includes all mechanical parts (except electric engine with speed control, Lipo batteries) to convert your FG model scale 1:5/1:6 to an electric powered system. Additionally you need a brushless engine, a speed control and 2x3S or 2x4S Lipo batteries (f. Castle), min. 5000 mAh/ 40C. The battery mounts are suitable for Lipos up to a size of 154x50mm (length x width), the height is variable.

We recommend the brushless engine Item N°. 07900 or Item N°. 07901 as well as the speed control Item N°. 07905 up to 6S Lipos for our FG 1:5 and 1:6 scale models.

Also suitable for model and conversion kit is the brushless engine and speed control up to 8S Lipos made by Castle.

A conversion kit for the FG models Marder, Buggy, OR Beetle, Monster models with shorter wheelbase is in preparation.

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