DM Racing - Zenoah G260 DM Racing ATOM SR Black Edition


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DM Racing offers you its ATOM engine preparation version CNC machined with a very good quality / price.

This version is distinguished by the use of the ignition system of the brand SCS M2 Engineering as well as the treatment of the crankcase.

  • SCS M² PowerFan 2 65mm ignition system
  • CNC machined piston and hand finished
  • Cylinder machined CNC and finished by hand
  • Carter coated BLACK and worked equipped with joints spy viton
  • Crankshaft worked
  • Optimized carburetor mounted on bearings and the choke has been removed
  • BLACK anodized aluminum carburetor insulator
  • Engine brace

The Black treatment of the low engine casings allows a better heat dissipation of the heat.

We mount now on this engine the SCS M² PowerFan 2 65mm ignition system

This engine has been tested successfully on international races

Delivered without clutch

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