DM Racing - Alloy Horn for Mega servo [00002]

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Alloy Horn for Multiplex RHINO Digi 4 Servo, also fits a variety of other servos like the Hitec 5755MG & 5765MH, Hitec D-840WP, D-845WP, HS-805MG, HS-5805MG Savox 0235/0236MG.

These will fit servos utilizing the 15T "coarse spline" output shafts found on many large scale servos. Unlike stock plastic arms, this one is indestructible, and an almost essential addition to a servo of this type.

Machined of 6061 billet aluminum.


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FG - Servo T1005 [06598] FG - Servo T1005 [06598]
44.50 € *
Hitec -  HS-805BB+ servo Hitec - HS-805BB+ servo
52.50 € *
Savöx - SV-0235MG Servo Savöx - SV-0235MG Servo
79.90 € *
Savöx - SV-0236MG Servo Savöx - SV-0236MG Servo
79.90 € *
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