In gasoline, it is necessary to use super unleaded 95 or 98?

The mixture is a suspension of oil in the gasoline needed to run the engine. The two-stroke cycle engine does not have an oil pan. The lubrication of the internal organs is ensured by the presence of oil in the fuel.

The share of oil in gasoline is measured:

  • as a percentage of the fuel volume and varies on average around 2 to 4%.

The oil used to make the mixture is a special 100% synthetic two-stroke engine oil

Storage time of the mixture

The mixture will not keep for more than one to three months depending on storage conditions. It is therefore not necessary to make large quantities of mixture and use the container of mixture as soon as possible.

Beyond three months, do not use a container of mixture, dispose of the fuel in a receptacle provided for this purpose and empty the tank of the car before filling it with a newer mixture.

Percentage of oil in gasoline

If you want to make a 3% mix:

  • 1 liter = 1000 ml (1000 x 3% = 30) so 30 ml of oil in 1 L of gasoline,
  • 5 liters of fuel will require 150 ml of oil...

An incorrectly dosed mixture results in:

  • not enough oil: significant wear and engine overheating which can lead to permanent tightening of the engine,
  • too much oil: smoke, clogging, loss of speed and engine carbonation.

In gasoline, should you use super unleaded 95 or 98?

You can use either 95 or 98 for your mix. I tested both and saw no difference. For the mixture, I advise you to do it liter by liter to have a better quality of gasoline and to avoid having already mixed gasoline lying around in the garage.