Kitchen Cutting Boards

Kitchen Cutting Boards

Kitchen Cutting Boards A workspace where each element is in place and facilitate the time to cook.

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Support 6 kitchen tables

Product no.: 59815

Support 6 kitchen tables. For tables 15-20 mm. Sales separate tables. Your colors always together.

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Support wall 5 Tables

Product no.: 498094

Support wall 5 Tables Kitchen 25 x 58 cm. Tables 15 to 20 mm. Sales. tables separately....

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cutting boards

Product no.: 812188

cutting boards 6-piece interchangeable Width 400 x Height 300 x thickness 3 mm. A color for each food.

from 20.86 *
In stock

cutting boards Vertical interchangeable

Product no.: 498154

cutting boards Vertical interchangeable. There is nothing more gratifying than having a tidy kitchen when you start cooking

Chopping boards Interchangeable

Product no.: 398103

Chopping  boards Interchangeable. Width 35 x Height 24 x thickness 1 cm. One color for each food.

New Support 4 Tables

Product no.: 9816

Support 4 Tables 340 x 230 x 10 mm. To a tidy kitchen..............................................

Table Knife holder

Product no.: Tabla portacuchillos

Kitchen table. Porta knives. Have on hand all knives with kitchen table. measures 400 x 300 mm.

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Tables- kitchen with top

Product no.: 201413

Tables- kitchen with top To the edge of the table, trade etc. Several sizes and colors. Kitchen Utensil


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