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Product no.: 20280320

BACTERICIDE DISINFECTANT General disinfectant cleaner with residual action and quaternary ammonia.

21.30 / 5 l *

Sanitizing gel

Product no.: 20230420

Sanitizing gel. No need to rinse as it dries quickly, leaving the skin fresh and smooth. Without colorants. One liter bottle

12.00 / l *
In stock

Round Perforating Tubes

Product no.: 4014

Round Perforating Tubes Back Ejection. Height 19 mm shape round, Particularly is developed for spec leather, rubber

from 0.80 *
In stock

Chopping boards for cutting bread

Product no.: 498704

Chopping boards for cutting bread. Dishwasher resistant. Unbreakable. it does not produce germs. 350 x 250 x 40 mm.


35.13 *
In stock
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