Solar panel 20Wp 12Vdc polycrystalline Victron BlueSolar

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Solar panel 20Wp 12Vdc polycrystalline Victron BlueSolar

The specially hardened front glass has excellent light transmitting properties and protects the module against most adverse environmental conditions such as hail or ice.
The entire laminate is installed in an anodized aluminum frame to provide structural strength and ease of installation for roofs, boats, camper vans, holiday homes, summerhouses and specialist. The solar panels have a plastic waterproof junction box.

Puissance maximale (Pmax): 20 Watts
Tension à circuit ouvert (Voc) : 22,5 Volts
Courant en court circuit (Isc) : 1,23 A
Tension à puissance maximale (Vmp) : 18 Volts
Courant à puissance maximale (Imp) : 1,11 A
Matière sensible : Capteur photovoltaïque polycristallin
Dimensions : 480x350x25mm
Poids : 2,2 kg
Type de connecteur : Bornier

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