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Number of turning axis 1- axis
Hour angle 100°, software and hardware limit
Elevation angle 75° adjustable start
Tracking accuracy <0.5° (optionally <0.1° ****)
Operating protocol TdAPS (Time derived Astronomical Positioning System)
Type of positioner Servo driver positioner with TdAPS arc logic function calculation
Type of timer GMT clock with EOT and calendar
Type of communication interface USB interface
Networking solution for control from centre CAN BUS ****
Type of application program for supervision and setting Solar tracking system monitor via web site
Motor power supply 24 VDC ± 10% (2,5A current capacity)
Turning time interval 1 minute (0.25°)
Operating temperature -25°C to +70°C
Max. safe wind speed <130km/h (tested up to 180km/h and all ok)
Estimated service life 5.000 rotations of 200° (100°E + 100°W), or 10 years
Operation at humidity 0% to 100%, relative humidity
Backup battery Backup for timer, position and data
Setting and changing data via PC Yes, It can be setup 1000 parameters
Monitoring possibility via PC Yes, It can be monitored 1000 parameters
Moved on the position sent from PC Yes, it turn on position sent from PC, also all other setting can be commanded with string sent from PC
Upgrading possibility via PC Yes, firmware via PC with help of web wizard
Options ( **** for additional payment ) ****
Anti-shadowing function /
Type of hour-angle engine Linear motor SM4S520M1SP2A
Final stage of gear at hour-angle shaft /
Hour-angle shaft diameter and length Ø48 mm, L=1450mm (steel)
Turning speed of hour angle shaft 0.926 mm/s or 0,035 - 0,062 °/s at no load, see graph
Max. dynamic torque of the hour-angle shaft 200-330Nm deppend from HA (Hour Angle), see graph
Max. consumption during the operation of the hour-angle shaft 500mA @ 330 Nm, see graph
Destructive torque of the hour-angle output shaft 750 -1250 Nm, depend from HA, see graph
Type of elevation shaft and stroke Linear motor SM4S520M1SP2A with stroke of 520mm
Turning speed of elevation shaft /
Max. torque of elevation shaft /
Max. current of elevation shaft /
Destructive torque of elevation shaft /
Standby consumption (when is not moving) 20mA ±25% @ 24V
Power supply connection 2 cables with an internal Cu conductor of 1.0mm2
Arm width 1000mm
Type of backstructure clamp Toothed scissors gripers - 12 pcs
Tube diameter for mounting Ø65mm
Dimensions of a PV panel 2 pieces of 0,99 m x 1.95 m in total 4,0m2
Weight of a PV panel 2 pcs per 30 kg
Dimensions of a packed product 1 box of 1600(L) x 245(W) x 202(H) mm
Product weight 35 kg
Internal power battery for return at evening /
Type of charging circuit if build in /
Maximum charging current /
Battery hysteresis of charging /
Load hysteresis of discharging /
Type of solar connectors (if needed) /


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