Action movie figures

Action movie figures

Check out our range of Action figures and bring the movies to life. From super heroes to our range of Horror action figures for collectors

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The Conjuring ANNABELLE prop replica 18" horror doll

Product no.: 01913

 The Conjuring Annabelle doll stands 46cm tall with rotocast head, hands, and feet with film matched clothing and hair

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18" Harley Quinn figure 1/4 scale - Suicide squad

Product no.: 01452

Harley Quinn stands 18” tall and features over 25 points of articulation two machines guns, a baseball bat and interchangeable hands.

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Alien - Big Chap 1/4 Scale Action Figure - collectors

Product no.: 00369

Designed by Dutch surrealist H.R. Giger, this acid for blood entity, is captured in all its glory as this massive 1/4 scale collectible

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Freddy Krueger 18" Action figure Dream warrior - 1/4 figure

Product no.: 00286

From The Nightmare on Elm Street, comes this Amazing 18-inch tall (50cm) Freddy Krueger Action Figure

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Batman 18 inch 1/4 Scale figure

Product no.: 01352

From Batman batman vs superman, the latest chapter in the batman range, comes this 18″ - 45cm tall Batman


Thor 1/4 Scale Action Figure - Marvel figure - Last one!

Product no.: 01451

From Thor comes this 18" tall version of the Viking God! Featuring an incredibly lifelike portrait of actor Chris Hemsworth

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Deadpool 1/4 scale 18" action figure - ultimate figure

Product no.: 01453

Deadpool the most skilled mercenary in the world, this joke cracking funny man has all the skills and accessories in this 1/4 scale figure



Predator 1/4 scale Predator figure

Product no.: 00514

The latest and greatest from NECA's line of 19 Inch Action Figures comes this Classic Predator Hunter Figure (Masked).


Friday The 13th part 4 Jason Voorhees 18" 1/4 scale figure

Product no.: 00719

This 1/4 scale Jason Voorhees action figure stands 18 inches tall (45cm) and is based on his hit movie Friday the 13th part 4

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Gremlins Stripe 71cm - 27" collectors prop replica Puppet

Product no.: 01455

Cast directly from an original film used gremlin this amazing hand painted Replica puppet Gremlin Stands Nearly 29" Tall 

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Superman man of steel 1/4 figure

Product no.: 01044

From DC Comics the movie release of 2013, comes this awesome new 1/4 Scale or 18" Action Figure from NECA.


Captain America 1/4 scale figure

Product no.: 01057

This 18" figure has over 25 points of articulation including neck, shoulders, torso, elbows, hips, knees, wrists, and more.