Female costumes

Female costumes

Horror costumes for women including , sexy gothic costumes, classic monster outfits and horror movie costumes


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Miss Voorhees costume - Halloween

Product no.: 00236

Sexy Miss Voorhees Costume. Jason Voorhees hockey jersey style dress with striped red trim and mask and machette logo.

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Sexy witch costume with hat- large

Product no.: 00901

Sexy Witch Costume . A Sexy witch costume with a ragged edge dress and a witches hat  -  Large 


Zombie nurse costume - Halloween

Product no.: 00075

Fabulous halloween blood covered nurse fancy dress horror costume - great quality and price! ( Shoes, stockings NOT included).

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Carrie Costume 3 piece outfit - Halloween

Product no.: 00093

The OFFICIAL Carrie Costume 3 piece outfit includes everything you need to become this iconic Halloween movie character.

Usual price . . £29.99
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The Grim Reaper horror costume - Halloween

Product no.: 00158

He Lurks in the night looking for souls with his scythe by his side.  Become the reaper of Death by wearing this reaper style costume.

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56 inch cape vampire Dracula / Phantom - RED

Product no.: 00278

56 inch cape satin look Dracula / Phantom - unisex - RED - For male or female creatures or monsters - polyester

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Hooded cloak Robe brown with hood

Product no.: 00281

This is a Hooded linen Horror cloak is a long full length Robe in brown with hood and sleeves

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Black Fabric Cape (81 cm)

Product no.: 00337

Black fabric Cape (81 cm ). The perfect compliment for your vampire or creature mask. Cape is 45 inches long with and fits most adults.

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quality velvet style cloak with hood in red

Product no.: 00443

A quality velvet style cloak with hood in red Ideal for Vampires, Demons, Devils, or any other costume design

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Female Vampires Costume - Halloween

Product no.: 00928

Queen of vampires adult costume includes a red dress with collar

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Grim Reaper costume with mask - Halloween

Product no.: 00929

Costume includes a deluxe hem finished black robe with oversized hood and rubber face mask

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Autopsy vest costume - Deluxe

Product no.: 01047

Take your Halloween / Horror costume to the next level with our amazing Autopsy Vest. This easy to wear instant costume consists of a Front chest piece and Back panel 





Alien Costume Mask Robe Gloves

Product no.: 01120

Adult Alien Costume includes a deluxe alien headpiece, a long emerald green robe with a metallic gold trim and a pair of alien hands.

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Miss Chucky costume with mask - Halloween

Product no.: 01215

Licensed Miss Chucky costume consists of a multi coloured top, denim effect dungarees and a deluxe latex Chucky Mask with hair

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Female Beetlejuice costume - Halloween

Product no.: 01382

The Female Beetlejuice Costume includes a black and white striped dress with official Beetlejuice logo to the skirt.

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Freddy Krueger Female Costume - Halloween

Product no.: 00218

Meet Miss Freddy Krueger, possibly related to the undead serial killer Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street.


Deluxe Hooded Robe RED

Product no.: 01396

Deluxe Hooded Robe RED.  Long black and red hooded robe dress with black ribbon lace-up ties

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Vampire zombie horror Costume with chest - Halloween

Product no.: 01414

The Vampire mask has attached full chest. This Mega Vampire mask with attached chest extends down to the waist