Freddy Krueger metal blade glove

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This is an officially licensed Freddy Krueger Collector Glove . This is the Freddy Glove you have been waiting for, the Glove that terrorized Springwood while Freddy Krueger was alive and proved to be more powerful from the grave, entering the Nightmares of the Children on Elm Street . It is an exact replica of the Night Mare On Elm Street Glove. It is made from Metal and Suede all aged for that fresh out of the furnace look and has movable knuckle joints that allow the Glove to make that horrifying clanging sound that only Freddy Krueger has grown to know. A perfect addition to any Freddy Krueger Costume or display. ( Also available Freddy Sweater, and Freddy Mask). Strictly - Over 18 Yrs only - Minor details may vary

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