Louise Chauvat 1877

Артикул: LouiseChauvat
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A work in damask stitch (33 motifs) stitched by Louise Chauvat in 1877.

The damask blocks are alternately stitched in soie d'Alger 946 and soie de Paris 945.

On 40ct Zweigart 52 or 770 linen

(I stitched my work on Lakesides Linen 40ct in Maritime White)

stitch size 337 x 188 stitches

Conversion to DMC is given in the booklet. 

Booklet printed in France

Quantity of threads required : 

Soie d'Alger 946 : 12 meters

Soie de Paris 945: 10 meters

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15,00 / единица (-ы)
15,00 / единица (-ы)
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