Le Marquoir de Marie-Andrée

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What incredible embroidery! 

I have no precise information about the little stitcher. The family history I've been told allows me to date it from the 1900s. 

Marie-Andrée stitched her sampler on a 101 Blanc cassé linen, but I think it would look better on a 52 Flax linen. In classic Soie d'Alger Red 946 or any other color, it will remain beautiful and exceptional.

Number of stitches: 698 x 461 stitches

You'll need a 40ct linen coupon 110 x 80 cm.

Marie-Andrée has finished her work with a border of days, followed by a small braid.

40-page booklet, printed in France

Quantity of soie d'alger 946 : 28 skeins

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