Jardin d'Eden

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Renaissance inspiration for this small 162 x 122-stitch work.

You may or may not stitch the background.

The work is stitched on 40ct 101 Zweigart linen in 1 ply of Soie d'Alger over 2. The animals are stitched in half-stitch in 1 strand of soie d'Alger over 1.

The DMC conversion is indicated on the booklet.

Booklet printed in France

Erratum Garden of Eden. Symbol 6 appears twice. One refers to violet blue 1343 and the other to green 3714. Luckily, you'll be able to spot it easily on the photo. The 1343 is in the flowers and the 3714 in the grass under the deer and snail. 

Download the thread list to prepare your embroidery:


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