Encyclopedia of the world's aviation cigarette and trade cards

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The Encyclopedia of the World’s Aviation Cigarette and Trade Cards has been composed for aviation enthusiasts, especially those interested in aviation artwork, aviation trade cards and aviation collector’s albums issued in the course of the 20th Century, the Century of Flight.

It is also meant for collectors of non-sports trade cards in general, to give them an idea of the wealth of aviation cigarette and trade card series released internationally.

 This encyclopedia contains a commented, full-colour selection of 1.014 card sets  showing more than 8.000 images, and hundreds of odd, partly unidentified cards. The book discloses the magnitude of the aviation card world, representing issues of more than forty-four countries in the world.

Author Bob Dros, air enthusiast, aviation historian and owner of the Bel Air Models company, compiled and wrote this book with the help of numerous fellow collectors from all over the world.

The result is a three-fold historical review: not just a summary of the world of cards, but also a unique history of aviation, showing printing techniques and growing aviation artists’ expertise as it developed in the 20th Century.


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