Workshop - Getting acquainted with pottery - saturday - october 2 2021 - 10:30 - 13:00

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Here they are again - those fun workshops !!
Experienced in a playful way what it feels like behind the electric potters wheel with your hands in the clay.
Now is the time to get acquainted with this centuries-old craft that has stood all times
and will do so for a long time to come in many ways all over the world.

The lump of clay must first be in the middle before you can make a shape out of it a little easier,
this is a difficult skill and cannot be learned in a few hours, but with good guidance (support) and clear explanations
we have already experienced a lot of beauty & fun :)

Everyone throws a number of basic shapes such as cups and plantpots and perhaps a small vase or a bowl.
Here we make a selection of 2 pieces (possibly more for an additional cost of about € 7, - (depending on the size) each - please pay on the day of the workshop)
These are provided with colored clay sludge or a glaze is chosen which we then apply for the 2nd tray.
The creations must then dry and be sponge (1st tray) fired. Then these are glazed and baked for the 2nd time and
These are then ready for collection within 3-4 weeks.
The nice thing is that you can really use the ceramic and put it in the water washer because we heat at 1260 degrees!

This workshop is open to everyone who really wants to get acquainted with pottery.
It is a join workshop and this means that you can join individually, with your girlfriend or boyfriend, mom, dad or with a small group as long as there is room ...
Max. 11 people
As a group (minimum 8 people) you can contact us to reserve your own day.

After purchasing the workshop, it can only be canceled up to 14 days in advance.
This because of having to fill the spots. (When possible).
Or you can nominate replacement persons.

P.s. Cancellation conditions !!!!! - Read this carefully
This workshop can't be cancelled because it is very soon...

If there are serious reasons, they can be discussed ... and we try to find a solution for both parties.
Please - do this really on time so that we also have a chance to find this solution !!!! - very important to us.
If you have health problems, it is wise to report this to us immediately, if you do not do this and there is an incident where
this is not our responsibility, because you should have mentioned this to us.
If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please let us know ...

Due to COVID-19 (or other situation or viruses), data, information, rules and measures may have to be adjusted - we also follow the RIVM measures by ...
If you want to know what these are, you can contact us. Probably wearing a Face mask is mandatory!
Noot & Zo reserves the right to take any precautions that will be communicated in advance.
This is to increase your and our safety at all times. These can also be measures that are not prescribed by an advisory body.

Through things from the past, you learn for the present!

Greetings, Suus + Ralph
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