Vase - Kalabas in speckled porcelain and grey.

$45.50 / unit(s)

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Here a lovely neutral colored vase from our "Calabas" collection.
This little vase is hand thrown of our homemade porcealin with specks. Greisch white with spots.
And glazed with a transparant metal grey glaze. Inside and dipt in the glaze on the outside for a playful but subtle effect.
Height: 6 1/2" {16,5 cm.}
Diameter belly: 3" {7,5cm.}
Diameter opening for the flowers: 1" {2,5cm.} (approx. 1-4 Flowers).
This vase will be wrapped in a lovely way - especially for a gift to celabrate that spring is coming :) and save to be shipped.
The beautifull flower comes from (dutch site)