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Pre-Recorded - Clay Adventure Nr.1 - Throwing - googd basics & more

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Clay Adventure Nr.1 - Throwing - googd basics & more
Watch in your own time and pace for 3 months...

Demo movie 1:
- Throwing a "Dip Chiller" - a shape from two parts, here you will learn to make custom and how to measure it.
- the trimming will also be talked about.

Demo movie 2:
- trimming off the "Chil dipper" and it will also be reflected in the sets that have been made at the end of this demo.
- We are going to throw cups an espresso, coffee and larger tea cup. Tips on how many grams of clay and we give tips to take a good look at the model you choose in advance.

Demo movie 3:
- We are going to handle the thrown mugs and we talk about them extensively, design, possibilities!
- and then we have arrived at the bowl shape, we discuss a few possibilities and designs, which to pay attention to with turning etc.
- when we are throwing the bowls we do two, including a bowl shape where the edge is brought down and you get a nice low bowl.
- then we come back to the finish of the handles of the mugs...

How does it work:
After you purchased the Throwing clay adventure Nr.1 - you will receive a link and password within 24 hours, 
so you can start your creative clay time...

What do you need - what is useful to have at hand:

  • Clay of course!! :)
  • Of course your hands
  • a throwing wheel
  • metal lomer smooth (can also use an old bank card)
  • sponge, bowl of water
  • wooden spatula/cut wood or metal
  • needle tool
  • cutting wire
  • patato knife andf clay slib (same a the clay of the made designs)
  • Pendal bucket bags or other plastic to cover your workpieces.

We are also going to sell clay kits - - if you are interested in that let us know!
You can also watch first and then decide what you need...

After purchase you will receive a link and a password for a special webpage. Here you will find movies , links, etc. about the subject and project you have chosen - to get started and have fun!! 
This link will be active for 3 months!
We also sell different clay packages so that you can get started right away. You can find it here !!

We offer our studio for baking - against payment of our baking costs.
But you can of course bake the work in your own ceramic kiln or in the studio where you are working with ceramics.

For glazing (second fire 1220/1260 ° - then it is only finished and really usable) we offer the following options:

  •     Have your creations glazed by us for a fee (choice of 3 different glazes) - costs must be determined in advance, by quantity and size.
  •     Or book a "Low Frequency" lesson where we guide you fully in the glazing of your own creations and then bake for you for a fee.

All these Demo "Zoom" sessions are recorded and you can watch back at your own pace for a certain amount of time. Usually 2 months
So it is also very good to participate in this workshop, if you cannot attend the live session ...

The online Clay Adventures, workshops and courses are mainly in English (but you can certainly also ask questions in Dutch).

Well we are very curious who will participate with these delicious mugs, but :)

Creative greeting, Suus &Ralph

P.s. Cancelation Conditions:- Read it carefully.
Is not the issue, after purchase you can view this recording 3 months.

This link and password intended exclusively for you and please do not distribute to other people!!


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