Clay kit - complete

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Do you want to do ceramics at home but don't know where to start for the right tools that are needed for this.... here are our clay kits. with these kits you can get started in your own habitat.

This is the Clay Kit - complete - this is the extra set made even more complete with a roller, 2x slats of 4mm. and 2x tarp (canvas) cloths.

What's in here:

  • wooden lomer
  • metal smooth lomer
  • cutting wire
  • needle tool
  • large bandmirette
  • small bandmirette 
  • sponge
  • wood spatula
  • surform
  • surraded metal rib
  • rubber rib
  • roller 45cm. long and 4,5cm in diameter
  • 2x slats of 4mm.
  • 2x canvas (tarp) cloth for easy rolling

With this complete set you can start if you have some clay ofcourse and enjoy some ceramic making at home, also check your kitchen draw because lots of those items can also be used as clay tools :)

Would you like to buy clay, just get in contact with us to buy and pick up.
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