Two day clay fun - june 3 & 4 juli 2021


Possible delivery method: Customer pickup

A clay 2 days in our studio.

What does this party entail:
For our students a wonderful moment to be able to still be busy with clay during the break we have between the course seasons.
And with lessons from Ralph & Suus and delightful throwing and handbuild hours in two days.

With beautiful techniques, inspiration.

It is nice for the studio if you round everything up so that we can fire your creations biscuit for you.
Then you can book a "Low Frequency" lesson to glaze your creations under supervision so that it can be baked for the second time.
Or who knows at an "Open Studio" moment - but we can't guarantee this yet...

Saturday, july 3 :
There is a lesson from 10: 00-15: 0 and from 13: 00-16: 00 - we have lunch in between.

Sunday july 4 :
Lessons are available from 10:00 - 15:00 

Choice via the dropdown menu:
For our current students, this clay is 160.00 two days -
For our former students and third parties this is 186.00 

What do we take care of:
- Happiness, fun and all the tools needed for these two days of clay heaven.
- Challenges in techniques or just wonderful lessons.

What should you take care of yourself:
- food and drink
- dishcloth, tea towel, apron and / or your clay clothin
- face mask
Are you new at Noot & Zo:
- Before turning - Preferably have followed some courses in the past 3 years, at least you must have been behind the throwing wheel a few times.
- For handbuilding - you can get in right away because we have all kinds of great projects ready for the ultimate beginner to the advanced ceramist.

More information will follow soon :)
P.s. Cancellation conditions !!!!! - Read this carefully.
Due to the short-day date, you cannot cancel - if you suddenly cannot, you can nominate another person to replace your spot...

In the event of a possible Cancellation of the participant:
We will not return any course money and therefore we do not provide vouchers or vouchers.
You can nominate another student yourself and they can take your course place.
In the event of a possible Cancellation on our part for any reason:
We will provide a new date for this missed weekend or give a refund.

If there are serious reasons, they can be discussed ... and we try to find a solution for both parties.
Please - do this really on time so that we also have a chance to find this solution !!!! - very important to us.
If you have health problems, it is wise to report this to us immediately, if you do not do this and there is an incident where
this is not our responsibility, because you should have mentioned this to us.
If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please let us know ...

Due to COVID-19 (or other situation or viruses), data, information, rules and measures may have to be adjusted - we also follow the RIVM measures by ...
If you want to know what these are, you can contact us. Probably wearing a Face mask is mandatory!
Noot & Zo reserves the right to take any precautions that will be communicated in advance.
This is to increase your and our safety at all times. These can also be measures that are not prescribed by an advisory body.

Through things from the past, you learn for the present!

Greetings, Suus & Ralph