Unique small dish in aqua - etched with dots and circles.

Unique small dish in aqua - etched with dots and circles.

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A special and unique small bowl made of high fired colored porcelain. With an etched decoration of handdrawn circles on the inside of the dishes.
This decoration is free out of hand and has a organic look... 
This is an "X" colors from our "Solid color" collection.
"X" colors are created by mixing random colors and white fluid porcelain together.
In this case mixed with a lot of white and blue colors of fluid porcelain.
There for not repeatable very easy or not at all. But it creates lovely powdery colors shades that are unique.
We can't give the colors name for reference - so it has to be a feel about the colors we are showing
in these collections - we have tried our best to capture the colors as real as possible in the pictures :)
The dish is dishwasher safe - BUT due to the thin porcelain handwash is highly reconmended!!
- in the past years we have the experience to know they are strong!!
On the pictures the colors are shown well but please take notice that every computer screen shows color slightly different.
Size dish:
Hight: ± 4cm. {almost 1 6/10"}
Diameter: ± 9,5cm. {almost 3 3/4"}
Very sweet as an eyecatcher on your table or to serve an homemade tapa!!
You will receive the items in the picture!!
The dish set will be arriving in a little box - and is also ideal as a sweet little gift.... 


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