Agree with course conditions 2022

Course conditions for 2022 - these apply to upcoming courses and clay two-days as long as needed:

Read it carefully and then choose whether you will participate in the courses that starts in 2022 - or one of the upcoming clay two-day course! 
These conditions are created to provide clarity for everyone during the not stable Corona time....

If you have difficulty with these conditions and find the financial risk unpleasant or do not want to continue online...
 we ask you not to participate in our courses or workshops  until better and more clear times have arrived.
We now choose to start these shorter courses to greatly reduce the risk.
Should an activity be cancelled by us due to personal reasons - we will return the paid course/workshop money from the missed and deposited this back into the bank account known to us.

Corona measures and course conditions:

  • There is a possibility to catch up a missed lesson (only if it is possible) 1 lesson per person, per course period of the 6 lessons - We will decide in wich way according to the possibilities that we have to offer at that time.
  • Upon entering, you are obliged to disinfect your hands
  • You are obliged to wear a face mask inside our studio, this can be changed but we will know one week before the activity/course and let you know....
  • You keep a distance of 1.5 meters - as a result, we will teach by giving lots of  demos in the lessons to ensure the distance and give each other space.
  • If you don't feel well then you stay at home, a little snotter or a light influenza - stay home we do not want to get ill as zzp'rs
  • You clean the stuff you use well and finish the cleaning check list.
  • We do not provide vouchers and do not return money for the missed lesson/part of the day, but we will offer you different options that are available at that time.
  • VERY IMPORTANT!! - In case of a possible lockdown due to any virus or whatever, we postpone the course a few weeks, keep this in mind in the agenda.
  • Also VERY IMPORTANT!!  - If we will have an other 5 to 5 lockdown all evening courses will be held in the afternoons - please be flexible to join your canceled evening classes then!!
  • VERY IMPORTANT!! - If the course has been postponed and we still have to stay closed, we will not provide a voucher or return no money but we will give the lessons online!
  • These altenative online lessons will be on average 1.5/2 hours long and can be viewed 6 months. The work made at home can be fired, glazed and fired again, at the known cost.

We realize that this sounds very strict and hope that you know and understand that ,if there was another way, we would rather maintain our own working method.

You can only participate with our courses if you answer our 4 questions with "YES"!!

This is because we cannot guarantee that additional lessons can be planned in the short term.
After this we fire your work biscuit and will offer 'low-frequency' lessons so that you can come and glaze your work. Or you can do this in the next course you book.

If you are unable to participate and you have found a replacement person who wants to participate instead of you, this can be arranged in good consultation! - if you let us know on time!!

Greetings, Ralph &Suus 

If you want to participate in the upcoming courses, all answers must be answered yes...