Short course throwing - TEA & BISCUITS - 4 sessions


140.00 / unit(s)

Price incl. VAT, excl. delivery
Possible delivery method: Customer pickup
Intermidiate & advanced - 4x 2.5 hour lessons.
Minimale throwing experience: 3 full courses or 1 year!
Technique: Throwing - Discount current students 15%
YEAHHHHH Finally our short special courses starts !!
The first in this series of short specialized courses is "TEA & BISCUITS" - everything about the teapot and what (may) belong to it.
Dates: Thursday evening 16, 23, 30 January & 6 February 2020
Time: from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm
The course of 4 lessons costs 140, - incl. Ideas, inspiration and help with your design and of course use of our extensive and complete tools and workshop.
Excl. Baking & glazing the pieces.
  •     Example: Baking price example: 8hx10b in cm. Bake costs € 2, - you can bake 1 or 20 work pieces off and can therefore control the  costs yourself :)

What do we do:
We are going to design a teapot and find ideas from the books, but also with real life examples from our studio.
Everyone works at their own pace and for the fast throwers we also offer further ideas in this short course that you can work out such as cup & saucers, milk & sugar set, spoons, etc.

What are we not going to do:
Glazes! - for this you can book a Glaze / "Low Frequency" lesson after this course to finish your tea set with glaze and to offer it for the bin in our studio.

1st and 2nd lesson we are going to turn the teapot body, turn the mast for the loose parts such as the spout and lid, possibly making cup & saucer, etc.
3rd and 4th week we will spin and put the teapot together and fine-tune all other tea-related creations, sponges and possibly provided with engobe and underglaze.

What should you already master:
  • Minimale throwing experience: 3 full courses or 1 year! - if you have less time experience but feel up to it please send us an email.
  • - The basis of centering (eg 1-2 kg) is a must because we want to pay attention to making in the lessons and not to the basic techniques of centering.
  • Throwing from the hump, this is not a must because if you can center we will teach you this technique - for the spouts and lids.
  • You have to understand the basics of ceramics - making/creating (wet clay), turn and finetune (leatherhard/greenware clay) and know the basics of glazing (this will be teached in a seperate to book lesson).
  • In this course we focus on making/creating the teapot design and translate this into clay on the electric wheel.
  • If you are a student with us and you have doubts about whether this special course is for you, please ask us :)
After purchasing this course you will receive more detailed information email about a week in advance.
If you have any questions, ask them.

There is a turntable ready for every student, but there is also room for handbuild parts for your tea set.
This teapot course is suitable for both people with intermidiate and advanced.
Fun is our top priority, but also the development of technical skills.

If you have any questions, you can ask them via our contact form.

If you are new to us, an extensive e-mail with all the necessary information will follow soon.
Until Thursday evening, January 16, 2020

Greetings, Suus :)

P.s. Cancellation conditions !!!!! - Read this carefully
Cancellation after November 16, 2019:
We will retain half of the paid course money and return the other half to the account number known to us.

Cancellation after December 16, 2019:
We will not return any course money.
You can nominate another student yourself and this person can take your place on the course.
If there are serious reasons, we will of course discuss this ....