Chawan & Yunomi - throwing workshop

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Chawan & Yunomi - throwing workshop.
Thursday evening may 13 - 2021 - 7-9pm CET = (13:00-15:00pm EDT)

How does it work:
At 6:50 PM CET (12:45pm EDT) the special Chawan & Yunomi "Zoom" channel opens and we start at 7:00 PM with the demo.
It is nice if you turn on your camera in the zoom demo, but this is of course not mandatory. Everyone is silent (mute) upon entry
and only after the demo can any questions be asked in image and sound, this will be indicated.

Pay attention!
It is not a lesson with questions, it is a hands-on demo of approximately 2 hours.

We are going to demonstrate the making of the Chawans & Yunomi and tell a bit about customs here and there and what a tea ceremony involves.
Chawans & Yunomi's come in many varieties with many types of texture and we are eager to make use of this in the demo. These textures will be the most
applied on the wheel in the wet clay.
We also throw a wiskholder for the matcha, in addition, inspiration and tips will be shared on the secured private page.

What do you need:

    Clay of course !! :)
    Of course your hands
    A throwing wheel at home or in the studio where you make ceramics
    a work board (not necessarily required)
    metal lomer smooth (can also use an old bank card)
    sponge, bowl of water
    wooden spatula / piece of wood or metal
    needle tool
    cutting wire
    Hole drill
    Pendulum bucket bags or other plastic to cover your workpieces.
    If you already have a rotating set yourself, then use this one.

We also sell different clay packages so that you can get started right away. You can find it here !!
We offer our studio for baking - against payment of our baking costs.
But of course you can bake the work in your own ceramic oven or in the studio where you are working with ceramics.

For glazing (second tray 1220/1260 ° - then it is only finished and really usable) we offer the following options:

    Have your creations glazed by us for a fee (choice of 3 different glazes) - costs must be determined in advance, by quantity and size

    Or book a "Low Frequency" lesson where we guide you completely in the glazing of your own creations and then bake for you for a fee.

All these Demo "Zoom" sessions are recorded and you can watch back at your own pace for a certain amount of time. Usually 2 months
So it is also very good to participate in this workshop, if you cannot attend the live session ...

The online Clay adventures, workshops and courses are mainly in English (but you can certainly ask questions in Dutch as well).

Well we are very curious who will participate in this wonderful spring course :)

Creative greeting, Suus & Ralph

P.s. Cancellation conditions !!!!! - Read this carefully.
Because it is short day, this online course cannot be canceled.
The recording of this workshop can also be viewed for 2 whole months, so this can also be done at a later time.

If there are serious reasons for not being able to participate, please contact us.

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