We have so much fun with creating so there is always some new products around the corner...
In this photo gallery you see some sneak previeuws of what is coming soon :)

Soon we will present this new fresh and colorful "Stone & Color" collectie online .



And when we reach the winte months we will concentrate on producing some beautiful warm colored modern and classic ceramics...
Warm colors like ocre yellow, gold browns, red browns, colors of dried herbs we love them all. In the top of this collage you see cups from our
"Retro sgraffitto" & "Solid Color" collections. The vases are made of a white stoneware clay body with an transparant indian yellow glaze on top.
Below right there is a lovely modern soft shaped hand thrown mug with ear in classic gold brown glaze. We only have made two of these and they are great.
And we love this warm colored glaze so there will be more items available in the future...


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Want to know or order these pictured items before they are available online please let us know and send us a message.
(The pictures of the hanging coats and the branch we found on Pinterest and here you can see more about the artist, maker or photo).