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Glaze Course Nr.1 - The Basics 2021

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Please pay attention - This course can be ordered in 3 options:
- current student (people who are currently taking lessons with us)
- old student (if you have taken lessons with us in the past, you can choose this option).
- Third parties - Never took a course or lesson at Noot & Zo

Choose this from the dropdown menu :) - ps. if you are pregnant then not purchase this course please ....

Day 1 - Saturday 9/1/2021 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (3 hours)
- On this day we will talk about the basics of glazing and how to make it.
- discussing transparency, opacity and gloss or mattness of a glaze
- We are going to make a progression test series in groups of 2.

Day 2 - Saturday 1/16/2021 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (3 hours).
- On this day we will continue to make experiments with triaxel (triangle) and linear (line) blend.
- extensive explanation of the glaze application options such as, dipping, pouring, spraying and more.
- questions round.

Day 3 - Saturday 1/23/2021 10: 00-12: 30 (2.5 hours)
- On this day we will discuss the glaze tests made from the two previous days.
- ample time is taken for each part to answer the question.

For whom is this short course - the basics suitable:
For people who have been working with ceramics for some time and are increasingly interested in glazes and how they are formed.
Also for people who have an oven and more options to make their own glazes and find it difficult
to get started on this. In this short course, tools are given to make it easier to start.
For people who want to sell their ceramics commercially or already sell it commercially, this is an accessible way for more
to gain knowledge in a group in a good atmosphere ....

After purchasing this course you will receive a more detailed information mail about a week in advance.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Pleasure is our top priority, but also the development of technical skills.
If you have any questions, you can ask them via our contact form.
If you are new to us, an extensive e-mail with all the necessary information will follow shortly.
Greetings, Suus & Ralph :)

P.s. Cancellation conditions !!!!! - Read this carefully
Cancellation before December 9, 2020:
Return course fee minus administration costs of 35.00 euros

Cancellation after December 9, 2020:
We will not return course money and therefore we do not issue coupons or vouchers.
You can nominate another student yourself and he or she can take your course place.
If there are serious reasons, these can be discussed ... and we try to find a solution for both parties.
Please - do this really on time so that we also have a chance to find this solution !!!! - very important to us.
If you have health problems, it is wise to report this to us immediately, if you do not do this and there is an incident where
this is not our responsibility, because you should have mentioned this to us.
If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please let us know ...
Due to COVID-19 (or other situation or viruses), data, information, rules and measures may have to be adjusted - we also follow the RIVM measures by ...
If you want to know what these are, you can contact us.
Noot & Zo reserves the right to take any precautions that will be communicated in advance.

This is to increase your and our safety at all times. These can also be measures that are not prescribed by an advisory body.

If you are pregnant or about to become pregnant, please let us know ..
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