Courses 2021 in the Studio

P.S. This page is not for our current students!! - you have to go to click here..

Everything we have to offer in classes and courses in our studio is listed below.
We are finally getting off to a quiet start again in our nice and nice complete Studio in Utrecht, much less than before the Corona troubles ...
The first lessons will start again on Monday 17 May, we will start with short courses to reduce the (financial) risk for you and for us.
to reduce. The spots are going fast, but on Monday 17 May we still have a number of hand-shaped spots where you can participate.
See this 3 wk course below. Will you join? :) - and also check out what we offer online if you want to enjoy clay at home
want to get started ...


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New Throwing short ceramic course - monday afternoon 13:00-16:00 June 2021

Throwing short ceramic course 3x3hours
Start  June 7  2021
Wearing a facemask is required!
150.00 / unit(s) *


Handbuild short ceramic course - wednesday afternoon 13:00-16:00 June 2021

Handbuild short ceramic course 4x3hours
Start  June 9  2021
Wearing a facemask is required!
150.00 / unit(s) *

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