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  • Most top sports seats, a hybrid developed for all sports fans
  • Motor not want to compromise the functionality and comfort of a sport seat.
  • Sportster is a folding seat with a new back design that provides a
  • sporty look to the vehicle.
  • Stand shoulder specially designed to relieve muscle tension
  • as the car turns.
  • Sign upholstery that allows you to drive comfortably.
  • With well defined side fastenings for a strong driving position
  • subject when we turn the car.
  • Adjust the backrest on both sides.
  • Collapsible / adjustable. Racing structure made of steel and polymers (such as
  • carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass).
  • Guidelines for seat belt 4 points; can also be used the
  • 3-point system.
  • Integrated headrest, fully upholstered the best head protection.
  • Adjust the backrest on both sides for simple, easy operation
  • adjustment.
  • built-in adapter for an exclusive sporty appearance.
  • Airbag Optional.
  • not authorized to competition.
  • With approval ABE (Europe). No FIA approval.
  • MODEL: Sportster CS
  • ASSEMBLY: imitation leather black / Dinamica black
  • REFERENCE: REC410.00.2575
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