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Description & Oacute; N Product:

For Toddler You Already Go To School, The Recaro Young Sport Offers Levels M & Aacute; S High Security And Ergonom & Iacute; A From 36 Kg (Approx 9 Months To 12 To Child. I) .Tecnol & Oacute; Logically Advanced, With Inner Foam Ergon & Oacute; Mica Developed For The Automotive Industry, Which Provides Full Comfort And Holds The Circulation & Oacute; N Air. Includes Arn & Eacute; S Height Adjustable Elements That Absorb Energy & Iacute; A, A Central Regulator Arn & Eacute; S, Tensioners, Belt & Oacute; N Patented And Pr & Aacute; Handle Ctica Transport

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S & Oacute; It Placed In The Auto & Oacute; Vil And Install It In Place With The Belt & Oacute; N Up Three Points: Auto; Vil. It'S All To Do

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-A Safety Seat Or Children From Approx. 9 Months Of Age Up To C. 12 Children (36 Kg), Which Makes It A Child Seat Especially Design Ada For Use Long

The Chair Is Very F & Aacute Easy To Install In The Veh & Iacute; Ass. It Lets Continue Adjusting The Belt & Oacute; N Security: Auto; Vile Still With Closed Buckle

Extremely Comfortable For Her & Oacute; Optimal System Circulation & Oacute; N Air, As A Result Of Foam Ergon & Oacute; Mica

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M & Aacute; S Information & Oacute; N Product:

Recaro Young Sport - Car Seat

Recaro Young Sport - The Seat Toddler You That Meets Your Needs Without Compromising Comfort Or Safety. For Neither Children Small Years Or Toddler You Already Est & Aacute; N In School, This Safety Seat Toddler Offers You The M & Aacute; S High Levels Of Security And Ergonom & Iacute; To About 9 Months To 12 Toddler Years Old. The Adjustable Headrest M Still Multiple Senses And Foam Crucer & Iacute; To Ergon & Oacute; Mica Provide Comfort And Maintain Circulation & Oacute; N Air. Young Sport Includes A Arn & Eacute; S Height Adjustable 5-Point Energy Absorbers & Iacute; A, A Central Locking And Patented Tensioning. Just Fix It With Three-Point Belt & Oacute; N Car Safety. It Is As & Iacute; F & Aacute; Cil

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Your Advantages:

- One Seat For Toddler Years Of Age About 9 Months To 12 Children (9-36 Kg), Which Means That The Seat Can Be Used For A Particularly Long Time

- A Carefully Design System;. Ado That Grows With Your Child And Has An Arn & Eacute; S Five Full Points And Three V & Iacute; As Adjustable Headrest For Ece Group 1 (9-18 Kg), A Three-Point Seat Belts For Cars And Two V & Iacute; As Adjustable Headrest For Groups Ece . Ii And Iii (15-36 Kg)

- The Seat Is F & Aacute Easy To Install In The Car. The Belt & Oacute; N Car Safety, You Can Even Tighten The Fastening Buckle

- Extremely C & Oacute;. Fashion, With Good Circulation & Oacute; N Air As A Result Of Foam Crucer & Iacute; To Ergon & Oacute; Mico .

- Buckle Belt & Oacute; N Proprietary

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