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  • Homologation "CE"
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The brake discs scratched and drilled BTR performance, both ventilated and masiso, are manufactured with a cast iron alloy
particularly characterized by a high coefficient of friction. They are ideal for a technical adjustment and are indicated for
any street car as they improve and ensure the performance of production cars.
Each band brake requires a specific design of the holes with a CNC machine, programmed to
avoid drilling interfere with internal cooling fins. The holes allow the removal of gases and dust
generated during braking, while maintaining scratch clean the brake pads, improving braking consistency.
When the process of scoring and perforated brake discs BTR performance are balanced to avoid vibrations in the
BTR performance can be made only scratched discs or drilled only customer request.


BTR discs with bell ergal performance consist of two parts that are developed with different materials:
rotor is cast iron with high carbon content and the bell is made in ergal special aluminum alloy
allowing normal expansion due to heat exchange of the two parties.
The advantages of these two parts are numerous: the lightness of the central part ergal bell, improvement of dissipation
heat and the absolute absence of vibrations at high temperatures, thanks to the production method and the installation of the
Each rotor requires a specific drill pattern that is programmed and run with CNC (numerical control
computer), in order to prevent holes with internal paddles interferieran ventilation. The holes allow the
removing gases and dust generated during braking, while the striped maintains the brake pads clean
thus improving the consistency of braking.
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