Wendy Carlton has spent her whole lifetime painting, she worked with a leading design studio, designing fabrics which were sold worldwide. Many of the brightly coloured floral designs Wendy created were used to make swimming costumes. 

In 2001 Wendy decided to change direction and created a small range of large, bold, vibrant paintings with flowers as her inspiration. Her love of nature and bold use of colour is something which has followed Wendy throughout her whole career. Her collection quickly grew and she was displaying in local exhibitions, Interior Design shops and Galleries. 

Her style has gradually changed over the years, but Wendy continues to be known for her passion for bold dramatic colour whether it's in fabrics, greetings cards or paintings. 



Prices range from £20 - £600

For more information on Wendy's work, or to purchase from the range - please contact The Bessemer II Gallery.